Your child will develop essential physical, social, mental, and spiritual skills while developing self-esteem through recognition. Caravan meets during the regular school year on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Caravan will begin in
2023 on September 13.



If you have any questions about Caravan or are interested in having your child participate, contact Larry Crum at
Caravan is a scouting—or kids’ club—type of program for children in Pre-K through fifth grade. Classes typically meet once a week throughout the school year. Caravan uses an active, hands-on learning approach to help children grow physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually, based on Luke 2:52. Caravan focuses on teaching everyday skills with a distinctly Christian focus.
Each group is under the direction of one or more adult guides. The awarding of badges and/or certificates is a fun part of the program! Children will get to take part in music, play games, enjoy a snack and learn life lessons at every Caravan.
Children become members of one of the three major group based on their age:
Benson Buddies (Pre-K-K)

Searchers (first and second graders)

Explorers (third and fourth graders)

Adventurers (fifth graders)


What is the age-range children must be in to join Caravan?
Our Caravan program is designed for children ages four to twelve years old. The journey begins with Benson s Buddies, a pre-Caravan program where four to six year-olds who are not yet in elementary school become familiar with the format and ceremonies of Caravan. Upon entering first-grade, they become part of the Caravan Searcher group, through second grade. Third and fourth-graders then become part of the Explorer group, and fifth and sixth-graders become part of the Adventurer group.
How many months of the year does Caravan take place?
Caravan traditionally runs parallel with the school year, which is approximately nine months. Some program begins in September and goes through June.
How do I know my kids will be in a safe place?
We carefully screen our volunteers, guides and Caravan helpers before entrusting them to work with children. Every volunteer in our children’s ministry has completed sexual abuse prevention training. In addition, we use permission slips for any trips, and sufficient adult supervision. Finally, every badge that involves a ministry project or trip has adequate supervision.
How much will it cost me to have my child involved in Caravan?
We do not charge a registration fee for Caravan.
What kinds of activities do Caravan kids participate in?
Searchers, Explorers and Adventurers have tons of activities, field trips and ministry projects to choose from. Skill badges come in four categories, mental, physical, spiritual, and social. To earn a badge, certain requirements must be met, including a high level of active participation. Badges in the Explorer and Adventurer groups are all electives, enabling kids to work with their guides, customizing their choices based on their needs, desires and available resources. Children participate and learn to serve others, both inside the church and outside in the local community.