Naz Kids LogoIt is our mission at South Point First Church of the Nazarene to create young disciples who desire to develop a solid foundation with Jesus Christ. With our positive, encouraging environment, SP Naz will assist children in developing a growing relationship with God. We will equip our children to learn and understand their God-given talents and how to use these talents to be servants in our community.  We want our children to understand discernment, and to help our children to understand that there will be  bad things that happen in this world, but their response will determine what quality of life they experience. Their choices of right and wrong will make the difference, even when circumstances rise up against them. We will teach our children how to respond to these situations by teaching them Bible stories about real people who overcame real problems by making right choices. At South Point First Church of the Nazarene, we will put our children first, and through our love for them, we hope to share a glimpse of just how much their Savior loves.

Sunday School

Beginning at 9:40 a.m. every Sunday, Sunday School is a fun time for our children to learn lessons on personal character or a Bible story and how that can be applied to their lives on a day-to-day basis.



Children’s Church

Children’s Church begins every Sunday at 10:40 a.m. and is a very special interactive worship service right at a kid’s level for Kindergarten through 5th grades!  Children can look forward to energetic music, exciting stories, and fun activities to participate in while their parents are involved in the main worship service.

Children’s Bible Quizzing
Children’s Bible Quizzing is a Bible study for children ages 6 through 12 (grades 1-6). It is important to help children know what the Bible says so they can demonstrate biblical teachings in real life situations. Quizzing also teaches children about God.


The purpose of Children’s Quizzing Bible study and competition is to help children:


• Desire to study the Bible.
• Get acquainted with basic Bible study.
• Grow in understanding of the overall chronology of the Bible.
• Learn that God is the central character and Hero of the Bible.
• Gain increased understanding of God as He is revealed in each study.
• Understand how people in the Bible interacted with God, and know how people today may do so also.
• Enjoy quizzing competition.
• Grow in the ability to reflect Christian attitudes and behaviors during competition.

Our Children’s Bible Quizzing program runs every Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. from the months of August through May.


Your child wCaravanill develop essential physical, social, mental, and spiritual skills while developing self-esteem through recognition.
Caravan meets during the regular school year on Wednesdays at 6:45 pm.

Caravan is a scouting—or kids’ club—type of program for children in Pre-K through fifth grade. Classes typically meet once a week throughout the school year. Caravan uses an active, hands-on learning approach to help children grow physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually, based on Luke 2:52. Caravan focuses on teaching everyday skills with a distinctly Christian focus.

Children become members of one of the three major group based on their age- Benson Buddies (Pre-K-K), Searchers (first and second graders), Explorers (third and fourth graders), or Adventurers (fifth graders). Each group is under the direction of one or more adult guides. The awarding of badges is a fun but optional part of this program.  Click on the banner below for more information about Caravan.
Caravan Logo2

Upward Soccer

Upwhero_upward_soccer1ard Sports’ kids soccer programs provide a positive sports experience for the whole family. With the family-friendly schedule of one-hour practices and one-hour games each week, your busy family will be able to participate in this fun sports program!

No matter the level of soccer experience, your child will learn soccer skills from coaches who use positive affirmation as their coaching style. Coaches also focus on teaching sportsmanship, self-esteem and other values that encourage your child in soccer and in life. Click on our Facebook link and check us out!